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Plant-Based Solutions (PBS) was founded in 2022 with great pride. It is our clear vision to provide as many companies as possible with a 100% plant-based working culture and to assist every consumer, open to this, towards a 100% plant-based diet.

Our ultimate mission is to make this world a better place!

The condition of our planet is deteriorating and we are doing our part to ensure that the tide is turned. A plant-based diet is scientifically proven to be sustainable, as well as being the healthiest diet you can follow and animal-friendly. Or in other words, we ensure that people will be able to become healthy again, increasingly fewer animals will be abused and the environment and nature will improve tremendously!

Together, if we were all to adopt plant-based eating, we could reduce global CO2 emissions by 15%, stop global deforestation and potentially nourish many more people. In other words, we can take effective steps in the area of world hunger.

In addition to world hunger, globally, obesity is a growing problem. Half of all adults (this amounts to 2 billion people!) are currently overweight, one-quarter of these people are even diagnosed as "obese," and more and more children are also suffering from obesity at a young age. Research has shown that a plant-based diet significantly reduces body weight and fat percentage in overweight individuals. Consequently, we are also working on THE solution in the area of obesity.

Did you know...

Did you know that; people who consume 100% plant-based foods for at least 6 months have lower fat percentage and body weight compared to people who continue to consume animal products? (Source MDPI)?

Our approach: we have developed an innovative step-by-step plan for companies that can always be customized and we help consumers through our documentation in the webshop.
We are dedicated to equality and therefore do not exclude anyone. All documentation is offered at an affordable price and both SMEs and large companies can benefit from our expertise.

It is our hope that after reading our story, you'll decide to go 100% plant-based as well!


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