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Roadmap: Fats & hydration; the basics for athletes


Inadequate hydration can cause performance loss, fatigue, loss of strength and even exhaustion. Consequently, in this Roadmap you will learn how to prevent this from happening so you can get the most out of your workouts. Find the detailed description at the bottom of this page.


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Staying hydrated, both before and during your workout, is essential for good sports performance. Insufficient hydration can lead to performance loss, exhaustion, loss of strength and even depletion.

Healthy fats keep your body fit and healthy, obviously an important foundation when it comes to sports performance and building muscle mass.

In this roadmap, you will learn:

  • How many grams of fat you need per day and which plant-based products contain the necessary healthy (omega) fatty acids.
  • How to use a simple formula to calculate how much fluid your body needs for each workout.

Interesting facts, practical tips and more!


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