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Roadmap: Moving away from meat towards plant-based in 3 steps


Do you also want to give up meat (products)? With three practical steps we explain how to make the transition to plant-based. Read about all the benefits at the bottom of this page!

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The benefits:

  • You contribute to fewer pigs, cows, sheep, chickens and other feathered animals that are exploited and slaughtered for meat consumption.
  • You are doing your part to reduce global deforestation. Soy is grown on a large scale worldwide, for example in the Amazon, for use as animal feed.
  • Eating (processed and red) meats is associated with a higher risk of stroke, Diabetes II, lung cancer and colon cancer. By giving up meat, you lower this risk. This information can be found on the website of the Nutrition Center, but of course it can also be found - in detail - in scientific literature.

In this roadmap you will learn among other things:

  • How to stop meat consumption in practice
  • About ''mindset & motivation''
  • Practical tips, facts and more!

Us humans do not need meat. You can obtain important nutrients such as iron and protein, which are also found in meat, perfectly well from plant-based products. Did you know, for example, that a serving of broccoli (250 grams) contains more iron than a standard 75-100-gram serving of chicken breast?

Perhaps you are wondering why we still consume meat en masse? You can find out in the Fact File: If plant-based diets are so healthy, why are we still consuming animal products?

This Roadmap will help you on your way to a healthier and more sustainable life. Good luck!


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