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Roadmap: Moving away from dairy products towards plant-based in 3 steps


Do you want to give up dairy products as well? With three practical steps we explain how to make the transition to plant-based. Read about all the benefits at the bottom of this page!

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The benefits:

  • You will be contributing to fewer cows, goats and sheep being exploited for dairy consumption.
  • You are making your contribution to less deforestation worldwide.
  • Do you experience health complaints related to milk components, such as certain forms of acne or intestinal complaints (e.g. due to lactose intolerance)? If so, you may find that these symptoms diminish or even disappear.

In this roadmap you will learn among other things:

  • How to get started.
  • What dairy (ingredients) contain and what to look for in the supermarket.
  • Practical tips, facts and more!

Us humans don't need dairy products. We can easily obtain important nutrients, such as calcium and protein, from plant-based alternatives. The plant-based alternatives that provide these nutrients are listed in this roadmap.

Now you may be wondering why we still consume dairy products en masse? You can find out in the Fact File: If plant-based diets are so healthy, why are we still consuming animal products?

This Roadmap will help you on your way to a healthier and more sustainable life. Good luck!


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